About Jim

Jim ZingerJim Zinger was born in Southern Ontario and as a young man served in the Armed Forces, continuing with his art in the graphics field along with his other trades. After leaving the military Jim held the position of treasurer in the United Auto Workers Union, then to federal inspection and production manager. Again always keeping in touch with his artistic talents and visual concepts.

Jim’s real evolving interest has always been favorable to the human condition, and environmental issues that affect us all. His original works in oil have been on exhibit and sold worldwide.

With private and open shows in New Orleans Manhattan, New York, Beverly Hill, coast to coast in Canada and south to Hawaii Fiji and Australia. Jim’s work has also been represented in several world expositions. Zinger expresses a strong artistic versatility in the commercial field, freelancing concept designs in advertising and packaging, and a wide range of products.

His volunteering efforts have not gone unnoticed with credits, awards, teaching in schools, and artistically coordinating with scouts, cubs, guides and 4-H councils. Jim’s artistic involvement with organizations like the international Red Cross, and the Canadian institute for the blind have been much appreciated.

Jim is always open to the thoughts of others, personal or corporate. Making every effort to achieve desirable and creative results.